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The Algotia CLI looks for a configuration file at the path ~/algotia/FILE.EXT

If no configuration file is present, the CLI will attempt to create one for you. The values used will be dummy values, only usable for public methods like backfill.

You can also specify a config file by using the -c or --config flag.

The default configuration file is located at ~/algotia/default.EXT If multiple configuration files are present, the will be loaded in the following order:

File load order

  • default.EXT
  • default-{instance}.EXT
  • local.EXT
  • local-{instance}.EXT
  • (Finally, custom environment variables can override all files)

For more information on file loading, read the documentation for the node-config library.

File extensions

The following file formats are supported:

  • JavaScript: [.js, .cjs]
  • JSON: [.json]
  • YAML: [.yaml, .yml]

Configuration options

name type required
exchange Object true
exchange.exchangeId String true
exchange.apiKey String true
exchange.apiSecret string true
exchange.timeout Number true



Algotia uses CCXT to connect to exchanges, the exchangeId value must be one of the supported CCXT exchanges.

Find the list of ccxt Exchange IDs here: Exchange Markets ยท ccxt/ccxt Wiki.


API key from exchange.


API secret from exchange.


Time in MS for round-trip timeout, if request takes longer than this ammount, Algotia will bail out.

Configuration examples



  module.exports = {
    exchange: {
      exchangeId: 'EXCHANGE_ID',
      apiKey: 'API_KEY',
      apiSecret: 'API_SECRET'
      timeout: 3000



  "exchange": {
    "exchangeId": "EXCHANGE_ID",
    "apiKey": "API_KEY",
    "apiSecret": "API_SECRET",
    "timeout": 3000



  exchangeId: 'EXCHANGE_ID',
  apiKey: 'API_KEY',
  apiSecret: 'API_SECRET',
  timeout: 3000